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August 26, 2017


The Trump/Republicans are running for cover and I presume the same is true of those who decided that he was preferable to HRC. The Trump/Republicans are now seeing the culmination of 50 years of promoting hatred as an election strategy. They have silently built a movement of hatred and now deny their history. The NYT carried an editorial headlined: “The Hate He Dares Not Speak Of”. The fascists are celebrating Trump’s refusal to attack them. This post does not have sufficient room for the entire Quote but I recommend reference to the NYT 8/14/17 p A16. 
At least, we can now recognize that use of fascist as applied to Trump/Republicans is neither extreme nor inaccurate. 
We can also expose the fascist mentality of the rich especially the inherited wealth: Mitt Romney’s exposed; Koch Brothers; Richard Scaife and his so-called Foundation; John Olin and on and on. In fact, the entire conservative movement is now exposed as dishonest hate mongers. Heather Heyer becomes a martyr with more to come. In my book, I stated that capitalism has to turn to fascism because it cannot otherwise control the working class. Written 10 years ago, its prophesy sadly comes true. No reform under capitalism is permanent and the counter-revolution is always being organized. And for those who adhered to the silly myth that as life gets worse for the working class, revolution will follow please recognize the folly of such a position. Yours in Struggle Ron 

Written by Ronald Glotta on 08/14/2017

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