August 26, 2017


Watershed–a critical point that serves as a dividing line. Charlottesville has become that line. Trump is building his Brown Shirts–vigilantes that attack all that is fair and decent. Better know as storm troopers, the alt-right has declared war. They claim to demand their country back. As far as I can tell, they want to go back to 1850. They lost the war to protect slavery and now apparently with Trump in leadership, they believe they can win this war. Progressives can and will build cadre to counter the blind hatred of the alt-right. While violence often does prevail, the march of history supports a humanitarian political force. It will not be easy but the immoral, racial hatred cannot sustain adherents. Heather Heyer is a martyr and one we can be proud of. Republicans can run but they cannot hide. They have created a monster with a monster cabinet and whatever speeches they give to deny their complicity in this fascist movement, they will be forever stained with the ugliness of their program. As I have said strategy defines program. In the case of the Republicans, their Southern strategy was to serve hatred to win elections. Wedge issues as they called them were simply hate issues, mixed with dissimulation. This country cannot erase the stain of slavery until it confronts the bankruptcy of the philosophy that sustained slavery. Ironically, it is now the Republican Party which has denied its history and must pay the price. In the meantime, capitalism which created a cabal of inherited wealth must be confronted as the financier of hatred. This is the time for all who feel the demands of compassion must fight militantly and courageously. Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta on 08/15/2017

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