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September 16, 2017


The pardon of Joe Arpaio is comparable to Woodrow Wilson filming Birth of a Nation in the White House. Without Q, Trump/Republicans are building a fascist movement, Brown Shirts and all. The Q of course is what can we do? If ever there was a time for unity of all progressives it is now. And if there was ever a time when that seems daunting at best, it is now. The corporate media continues to push the myth that poor whites put Trump/Republicans in power when 52% of his voters made over $50000.00 per year. That is to avoid the obvious conclusion that that is the same base of German fascism. I guess the first step is to recognize the reality of what we are faced with. I believe that it is a 3 headed monster: right wing media, Trump/Republicans and inherited wealth. While it is far more complicated because the corporate structure is being offered a huge tax cut, that seems to be the biggest threat. But there are splits occurring. The corporate media is under attack and while their response is pallid at best at least there is some push back. Young people are on the move and very progressive. The trade union movement is beginning to realize what they are faced with. Black and Latino leadership is slowly giving up their privileged position and starting to fight back. And the Jewish community is splitting many realizing that never forget means something. We can forge a movement even though it does look difficult. Yours in Struggle Ron 

Written by Ronald Glotta on 08/26/17

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