‘Trump *ology’ & Myths

August 12, 2017


The third definition of myth in the American Dictionary provides the following: “a fiction or half-truth especially one that forms part of the ideology of a society such as the myth of racial superiority.” I think that definition is appropriate for current discussions. In the next posts, I want to discuss 5 myths. Each would require to much exposition so at this point a simple list will start the process. First Myth: That the white working class is Trump/Republicans base. In fact, the single largest voting population for Trump/Republicans comes from households making more than $100000.00 per year. Second Myth: That as the working class oppression and exploitation increases especially economically, the revolutionary consciousness increases proportionally. There is no historical foundation for that myth. Third myth; that revolution is a simple process of the working class spontaneously rising up against the ruling class. Again there is no factual or historical foundation for that myth. Fourth myth: That the ruling class is monolithic and without contradictions. Adhering to such a myth which also has no factual or historical foundation distorts strategy and tactics of the struggle. Fifth myth: that there is no difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties. Ironically, the Green Party does believe that there is a difference and that the Trump/Republicans are the preferred ruling party. Each of these myths distort and divide the movement as individuals hang on to the myth in spite of facts and historical experience. However, each must be addressed in individual posts. That avoids the long papers that challenges people’s attention span. Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta on 08/06/2017

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