‘To Forfeit A Second Chance’

January 24, 2019


I generally view the corporate media and the NYT different from but similar to the corporate Democrats. But is too simplistic an analysis. And to use a time worn cliche but applicable in this case: the devil is in the details. The NYT 1/2/19 p 1 carried a long article about Biden, with a headline “Biden Has Set a Careful Path To a 2020 Run.” At the time, I believed that they had accidentally exposed Biden’s fatal weakness. He wants to run as the “working Man’s candidate (read white working man) while accumulating as much money as possible. Today, 1/24/19, p 1, the headline reads “A $200,000.00 Speech by Biden was Priceless to a Republican”. Another exposure of Biden’s politics. He went to Benton Harbor, Democratic stronghold, a gave a speech basically endorsing Fred Upton, a right wing Republican. Why do corporate Democrats take so many stupid positions It is because their ideology is determined both by their rich corporate sponsors and their unquenchable greed. I know that the corporate Democrats have enormous power and could possibly steal the nomination as they did in 2016. But they will lose. They cannot expect the progressive base of the party to do anything but swallow hard and trudge to the polls. And we need much more. The working class needs a lot more. Biden must withdraw now before he creates the unnecessary divisions within the party. And those who have supported him must make that demand because he will do what his corporate sponsors require unless there is pressure from those who would otherwise be his supporters. Either Biden backs off now or there will be a very messy battle. 

The NYT p1 1/24/19 article received a response from Biden. Mockingly, Biden says “bless me father for I have sinned, crossing himself. I like Republicans.” The Q is what does he like about Republicans? Does he like their passing the tax scam? Does he like the dog whistles of racism that they have used at least since Ronald Reagan? Does he like their dishonest claim that tax gifts to the rich will produce jobs. More importantly, does he like the Republicans spending the last 2 years trying to and in many ways succeeding in denying health care to working people? I cannot help myself and I must go on. Does he like their promotion of misogyny? Does he like the lies that they tell working people? Does he like the attacks on Obama saying that he is a Muslim, or that he was not born in this country? Does he like the fact that the entire Republican Party spent millions of dollars to make sure that Obama was a 1 term president. Does he like the government shutdown and forcing workers to work without pay? I am sorry because there is much more.
But the reason he likes Republicans is that he believes that politics is not about program. It is about individuals. He stated that he is the most qualified candidate in the race. Qualified for what? Toadying up to right wing Republicans? It is obvious that Biden and his corporate sponsors have learned nothing from 2016 because that was HRC claim and she lost.
Progressives must demand that Biden withdraw. Progressives cannot let this teaching moment pass. Biden has followed his program: make himself rich and pretend to be for working people. Everyone who claims to support Biden must demand that he withdraw. Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta on 01/24/19

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