This not a game!

July 15, 2017


In this country, class war by the ruling class against working people is incessant, mean-spirited, strategically directed. There are historical markers. The passage of Taft-Hartley over the veto of Truman. The Powell memo. The racist campaign and election of Ronald Reagan. The union busting of PATCO. The regressive tax of social security combined with tax gifts to the Rich. The appointment of Alan Greenspan. The election of Bush II with more tax gifts and endless war. Less well known is the campaign of the Koch Brothers on the Libertarian ticket in 1980 with a platform to eliminate social security and all regulations by government and opposition to anti-discrimination laws. Subsequent thereto, inherited wealth funded reactionary enclaves in colleges throughout the country creating a cadre of vicious operatives. In fact, the entire movement became aggressively savage. Just as generals in traditional war, these moves were strategically orchestrated. In wars, strategy and tactics and the building of alliances is first priority, never ignored. What is frustrating and even surprising is that the majority on the left take positions without any discussion or even consideration of strategy and tactics or alliances. This blindness appears to be a result of economic determinism, believing that capitalism will create its own death and without a fight. Such ideological blindness weakens and undermines every aspect of the working class movement. Admittedly, generals make stupid strategic and tactical errors. But at least they are addressing the necessity of such an analysis. Most on the left do not even recognize that is a key even indispensable part of every position,every action, every statement. It is as if many if not most on the left do not realize we are in a war. This not a game. Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta

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