The ‘TRUMP’ Handlers*

August 5, 2017


I always refer to Trump/Republicans. The corporate media continuously attacks Trump as if he functions as a individual. The Republican Party created him starting with wedge issues, Reagan pushing states’ rights and the war on drugs, and of course suppressing the vote. Basically, The Republican Party is opposed to democracy and that position allows tax gifts to the rich and the lying to create endless wars in the middle east. The corporate media is trying to create the myth that Trump is an aberration. But Jeff Sessions has pushed this agenda his entire political career. He withdrew from the lawsuit against Texas to allow further voter suppression, he calls for attacks on sanctuary cities, he has doubled down on the war on drugs and now he wants to sue universities for “discrimination against whites”. That agenda is designed to allow more tax gifts to the rich and anti-union activity. He has released the police departments to impose more violent attacks on minority communities. In other words, this is a complete program that is viciously racist and fascist in structure. While Trump can be painted as a buffoon because he is, that is not the Q. We are experiencing a developing fascist movement. Trump is merely the front man for that movement. Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta

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