‘The Q’ of the Matter!

August 26, 2017


The Q for progressives is whether Charlottesville Virginia is a watershed event? If so, then progressives must push forward with a clear strategic agenda. The alt-right obviously believes that Charlottesville is an event that can be used to build their movement especially given Trump’s clear but unspoken support of them. For progressives, the Q of impeachment is on the table. I am opposed to impeachment. To me, that would cleanse the Republican party of its complicity in creating not only the monster that is Trump but also the monster cabinet that he has appointed and the Republicans have approved. The Republican Party must take responsibility for creating a racist electoral base that supports misogyny and prejudice against every thing that is humane. For 60 years, the Republican Party has nurtured an electoral base that wallows in hatred. Charlottesvile is the result not only of Trump but of every Republican who preaches hatred as a permissible political position. Whether Charlottesville is a watershed event will be determined by history. The corporate media will subtly work to expose the banality of the alt-right while protecting the Republican Party’s guilt in creating this movement. Progressives must push the history of the creation of this irrational hatred at every possible opportunity. Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta on 08/15/2017

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