The Police as an Occupying Military Force

December 30, 2015


In the Tamir Rice case, the prosecutor told the Grand Jury that no charges should be issued against the police who shot the 12 year old boy. Anyone who saw the video is shocked. Anyone who looked at the video knows that these two officers murdered Tamir Rice a 12 year old innocent boy. Then in Chicago, the mother of Quintonio LeGrier called the police because her son had emotional problems and was using a ball bat to pound on her door. The police came and shot and killed Quintonio. But then they also shot the 55 year old tenant who was living upstairs. Again, senseless murder.

We are not witnessing the actions of a police force. We are experiencing the brutal murders by an occupying military force.

Quentin Tarantino criticized the police and they were outraged. He refused to retract the statement that the police are on a “genocidal assault on Black and Latino people in this country.” When the police unions called for a boycott of his movie The Hateful Eight, Tarantino responded by noting that the actions of the police unions is proof that they function off a political agenda, not objective analysis. Using the political analysis to continue to suppress the working class, the police unions are functioning exactly as a occupying military force would function.

They use petty charges to finance their occupation. In the Eric Garner case, they charged him with distributing unlicensed cigarettes (colloquially called loosies). He said I am tired of your petty harassment for which they murdered him. But the “police” impose these petty charges across the country in working class neighborhoods. I represented a police officer in a workers’ disability compensation case. He had moved from River Rouge to Romulus. He was then told he could not arrest certain people, particularly white business men. That is the ideology of in occupying military force. It is reminiscence of taking peasant’s crops’, these are already impoverished communities.

The article by Nigel M. Smith quoted the Guardian’s data base, the Counted, stating more than 930 people have been killed by police in the United States: 436 were white, 226 were black and 143 were Latino.

These figures understate the murderous actions of the “police forces” in this country. The reason they understate the numbers is because it is almost impossible to actually obtain a true accounting. The police have continuously suppressed the evidence. That is clear in the way in which they suppressed the murder of Mr. Laquan McDonald for almost a year.

Even the numbers that we do have prove that the police are an occupying force, murderous in effect and political in intent.

Unfortunately, white workers have not developed the class consciousness to oppose the murders in the military occupation. The Devon Gilford case in Eaton Rapids, Michigan is an example. Murdered by the police because he flashed his lights at the oncoming car, the Gilford case has received no national attention. That fact describes the association between the corporate media and the police. It is a coalition based on an agreed political agenda.

According to the corporate media, it is only the African American and Latino community that experience police violence. The excuse is that these communities are violent in fact.

Conveniently silencing poor white communities and the murderous effect on their communities, the corporate media paints a picture excluding the necessary unity of all 3 communities.

That picture of disunity is purposely designed to protect the 1% — the people who own and control every aspect of this society. Ultimately, it is the 1% that manipulates this society to insure protection of their continued concentrated wealth and privilege.

It all looks so conspiratorial. I am not making that argument. Culture is a powerful weapon. We have a culture shaped by history of racism, Jim Crow segregation, lynchings, the horrible treatment of Latino immigrants in this country. All of this violence is based upon racial hatred.

It is easy for the corporate media to tap into this culture. It may even occur unconsciously. No one knows. The one fact is clear – every act is to make sure that the working class is divided. The easiest is to divide based on racial hatred. Then comes gender division and sexual preference division.

The foundation of current capitalist control is hatred generated by the corporate media. This culture of hatred and meanness is facilitated by individualism as the dominate cultural ideology. The working class is bombarded day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute by advertising to promote the buying of trinkets as the ultimate accomplishment of individual achievement. Few people see the link between this culture of violence and hatred and advertisement. However, there is a definite link because it is the buying of trinkets and the use of trinkets to achieve accomplishment that then undergirds the hatred of other people who do not have trinkets or even if they do, they are not considered the result of accomplishment.

Yours in Struggle,


Ronald D. Glotta


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