The Monument Debate – contd’

August 26, 2017


The NYT 8/19/17 page 1 carried a long article on the “monument debate”. It argues that “some” say that the monuments represent “heritage” not hate. Sounds harmless when a neutral word is attached. Heritage, however, means something passed from preceding generations, tradition. So what has been passed down? History of slavery, of Jim Crow Segregation, of lynching? What other than hate has been passed down? The South is now the poorest section of the country. But it is controlled by an ideology of the rich. In fact, the recent loss of the union election in Mississippi exemplifies the ideological control by those who own this country. That is why the concentration of wealth is a prime political issue, especially inherited wealth. Slave owners used white supremacy to maintain control even though their economic interests were against the rest of society. Now the corporate media uses the ideology of white supremacy to control the political discussion while simultaneously denying support for the fascists that they have supported in the past. Trump/Republicans are now creating their storm troopers. The media is now controlled by a small cabal of capitalists who promote what the call “conservative” thought. That again is why Bernie’s voice remains the most important weapon we have. Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta on 08/19/2017

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