Racist Symbolism

August 5, 2017


4th try. I have serious disagreements with Paul Krugman. He supported HRC. A few columns ago, he admitted that most economists agree that a single payer system is the most efficient, but he contends that it is not politically feasible. It never occurs to him that his refusal along with those in the corporate Democratic camp to fight for single payer may be a big reason it is not politically “feasible”. He blames Comey for HRC’s defeat but never examines his failure to understand the fundamental weakness of HRC’s positions. But when it comes to examining and providing specific criticisms of the Republican program and leadership, his expositions are excellent. Having said that, the Q immediately comes to mind–is silence a political position? I believe so. A Yale historian, Timothy Snyder I believe, states that the rise of Trump/Republicans has historical echoes of the rise of Fascists in the 1930’s. In reading that position as reported by Tom Boggioni, it required me to try to remember one article by those who pretend to be on the left that provides a criticism of Trump/Republicans. There are plenty of criticisms, mostly without precision, of Democrats in general and even of Bernie Democrats. With the rise of a fascist movement, the failure to identify the enemy and to seek allies in this fight means that once again, just as in the 1930’s, the left, such as it is, aids the rise of fascism. Given the debilitating weakness of the left, it may not have much historical importance. But with Jeff Sessions now seeking to sue universities for “discrimination against whites”, the overt racism of this administration must be opposed by all progressives and failure to do so is politically irresponsible.¬†Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta

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