Profiling = Diversity + Minority Privilege?

July 10, 2017


We must always be vigilant in examining the way the corporate media frames issues and does so incorrectly. For instance, the use of the term profiling. It sounds so innocuous, almost mathematical. It is targeting of communities and individuals. Targeting for punishment. That is what we are discussing. The same is true of diversity, although much more subtle and diabolical. Diversity is designed to eliminate class perspective. The easy example, of course, is Clarence Thomas. My experience is with judges. Minority and women judges at best tend to be neutral on the class issue.While one can find courageous class conscious minority or women judges, my experience is that the number is not much different than white male judges. Just as there are plenty of backward unfair white male judges, there are plenty of minority and women judges of the same stripe. And historically it becomes corrupt. Once in power many individuals pull the ladder up with them to protect their privilege. They fight for diversity not for the working class. As a result, the community that put them in power suffers. They even create ideological positions to justify their abandonment of the working class in general and of their communities in particular. I have many examples of such social motion. Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta

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