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July 22, 2017


Ossoff lost. The DNC has proven itself incompetent strategically. They have now lost in Kansas, Montana, and Georgia. The DNC refused to provide financial support in Kansas and Montana, claiming that they were saving money for Georgia. They completely misunderstand momentum and vision. As I have said strategy defines program. Their strategy was to pump millions into the Georgia race and leave Kansas and Montana twisting in the wind. That is because they believe money defines¬†politics. Actually, the Republican candidate in Georgia spent much less than Ossoff. While money is important, it is not definitive. The reason the corporate Democrats rely exclusively on money is because that is all they have. They refuse to embrace a program for the people and more importantly refuse to mobilize the progressive base of the party. The NYT(6/12/17 p 1) carried an article headlines which include “Party vs Progressives”. The article tried to justify the “:practical” approach of the DNC. But the NYT was established to block the progressive movement (Extra June 2017 p 4). That is the point. The progressive movement must fight not only against the corporate Democrats but also the corporate media. Not an easy task but without alternatives. And as Bernie’s movement is growing and the corporate Democrats prove they are incompetent, we are winning. Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta

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