‘Ology’ & Myths continued…

August 12, 2017


On 8/6/17, I listed 5 myths that are used by the ruling class to manipulate political discussion in this country and promote cynicism and pessimism. Yesterday I discussed Myth #1. To repeat, a dictionary definition of myth is a fiction or half-truth that forms part of the ideology of a society such as the myth of a racial superiority. The second myth for discussion is that the as oppression and exploitation of the working class increases, spontaneous opposition will occur. As I said, there is no proportional response to the degree of exploitation and oppression and the extent of opposition. In the Age of Extremes, the brilliant English historian Eric Hobsbawn correctly described the period from 1945 to approximately 1973 as the “golden age of capitalism”. In fact, the economic apologists were arguing at the time that capitalism necessarily narrowed the gap between rich and poor. Yet at that time we had tremendous social movements. Coming off the accomplishments of the union movement in the 1930’s which consolidated the backbone of the progressive movement, the civil rights movement changed the social fabric of this country. We had numerous revolutionary movements and organizations. Then the counter revolution set in, With Reagan’s election, the union movement was busted by firing all PATCO employees, Reagan passed a regressive social security tax, provided tax gifts to the rich, forced the working class to assume huge debt to stay afloat, and took many actions to increase the exploitation and oppression of the working class. And that was when our movement was weakest. In fact, we have yet to recover. That is why I say there is no historical or factual support for the myth that oppression and exploitation increases the working class opposition. As I said in my book, the basis for building the movement occurs most favorably when there is a split in the ruling class. But that is another post. Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta on 08/08/2017

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