No Trust for Hillary!

July 6, 2016


The ruling class demonstrated its inordinate power when it cleared Hillary of criminal charges. That does not clear Hillary of corruption. The FBI said the actions of using her private server(s), of destroying 30,000 emails do not establish criminal intent. In other words, those actions were illegal but not criminally liable. Those actions were “extremely careless in handling very sensitive, highly classified material.” However, the FBI stated that there was “no clear evidence” that Hillary and her colleagues “intended to violate laws governing classified information.”

According to this standard, whenever one runs a red light, all he/she has to say is “I did not see the light and I did not intend to violate the law.” The statute reads: “whoever, being entrusted with … national security documents … through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years or both.

In other words, when one runs a red light, intent is established and the same is true for the improper handling or removing of “sensitive, highly classified material.”

The ruling class has decided that Hillary will be President but the ruling class decided that Jeb Bush would be the Republican nominee and that Bernie’s campaign could be marginalized and ignored. Neither of those decisions could be implemented despite the enormous power of the ruling class/corporate media.

As Bernie said, this revolution is not simply about an election; it is about a change in this country. If we are faced with a choice between a corrupt Hillary or a bigoted Trump, the necessity for change is obvious.

The New York Times/p. 16 states: “But it [emails] has led to the perception that she was trying to hide information. Quinnipiac poll found Trump more trustworthy 45% to 37%. Hillary says in response that, that is something she will keep working on and that is a priority for her. The finding by the FBI is only that there is no criminal intent adding to the stench of corruption. How can Hillary “work on the perception of trustworthiness?” She can now say she is not criminally liable but extremely careless. That does not instill a sense of trust, only suspicion.

That suspicion is magnified tenfold because she refuses to release the transcripts of the “extremely expensive” speeches. Relying on stolen votes to take the nomination will not represent “working on the perception of trustworthiness.”

Trump supporters will fight for him based upon hatred and anger. The corporate media will spend the next four month demonizing him. But that could increase the determination of Trump supporters to defeat the Corporate Democrats represented by a corrupt Hillary.

Once can honestly posit that a corrupt Hillary is preferable to a bigoted Trump. But that hardly instills any sense of enthusiasm. The arrogance of the Hillary supporters reflects the arrogance of the Corporate Democrats. They obviously believe that winning the election by hook or crook is sufficient to justify every dirty trick.

Democrats require a large turnout to win elections. That is because those with privilege and resources vote at a higher percentage than those without. Plus, the election process provides ease of voting to those same people. In addition, the Republicans have spent years in devising methods of suppressing the vote in Democratic precincts.

Ironically, Corporate Democrats expended formidable energy to rig the primary elections for Hillary. That is, they suppressed the vote and corrupted the process and that will come back to haunt them in November.

The arrogance of Corporate Democrats and Hillary herself combined with a political program designed to compromise workers’ rights accounts for the antiseptic and anemic rallies for Hillary as compared to Bernie’s rallies with thousands of enthusiastic supporters. In fact, she has quit trying to get anyone to come to her rallies. Instead, she relies on the corporate media to generate the appearance of support.

That means that the corruption extant in the Corporate Democrats could easily impose a bigoted Trump on the American populous that deserves more.

It also means that building a cadre of Bernie Democrats is essential for a future we can believe in. Outrage at the ravaging of democracy is entirely appropriate. But outage is not a strategy. Those who are intent on fighting for democracy must carefully build a movement. We have been marginalized and ignored for 50 years. In fact, Bernie was ignored by the corporate media and opposed by the entire Corporate Democratic structure. But for social media, the millions of Bernie Democrats would not exist.

The danger is that the corporate media will contend and repeat incessantly that Bernie’s revolution ended with Hillary’s nomination. Bernie still speaks for millions and we must support his leadership. One strategic goal is to fight against the corporate media’s attempt to fractionate the movement. The Corporate Democrats are willing to lose the election as long as they maintain control. They can blame Bernie Democrats for the loss but not if we keep our eye on the prize – the destruction of Corporate Democrats.

I hope desperately that Bernie will lead a convention floor fight for a working class platform. That will consolidate his cadre and set the basis for the next fight. If he does then all progressives must support him. Bernie has announced he will continue and called on all supporters to continue the struggle. We must support him in every effort and however he decides to move. He is the voice that we have sought for the last 50 years. His strategy of running for the Democratic nomination was brilliant and brilliantly implemented. One can say that he was in the right place at the right time and that was an accident. However, that would be a pessimistic and wrong assessment. The concentration of wealth that now hovers as a specter over the entire political discussion sets the basis for a campaign that was inaugurated with no campaign finance, no support within the Corporate Democratic structure, and no name recognition. Therefore, the strategy of announcing his nomination at the time that he did was not only correct but was proven in implementation.

We can analogize Bernie’s campaign to general’s actions in the class war. With this level of success, there is every reason to continue to follow his leadership. Any attempt to undermine Bernie’s campaign is not only counterproductive but also undermines the struggle before us.


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