…Myths Continued

August 12, 2017


On 8/2/17, I listed 5 myths that the ruling class uses to manipulate the political discussion. The first myth (8/4/17)is that Trump/Republicans are elected by the white working class when in fact 54% make over $50000.00 per year, basically, the middle class or petite bourgeoisie. The 2d myth that there is a direct and proportional relationship between the level of oppression and exploitation and the extent of resistance (8/6/17). The third myth is that revolution is a simple process of the working class rising up against the ruling class. A myth is a fiction or half-truth that forms part of the ideology of society such as the myth of racial superiority. As I have said many times, after each uprising by the working class, the ruling learns and adjusts its strategy. For instance, after the Russian Revolution in 1917, the ruling class immediately moved to provide housing for workers, almost exclusively white workers and segregated housing. The reason given: so that workers would have a stake in capitalism. In the United States, with the history of slavery, Jim Crow segregation, mass incarceration, and now militarized police, the ruling class has always moved to divide the class. There will be no storming of the Bastille and even that was not spontaneous. In addition, the corporate media has increased the sophistication of separation. On NPR today, they had a long discussion of race in this country. They had articulate African-American women discussing why race must be addressed. But at no time did they discuss the intersection of class and race. The ruling class has created a cadre of A-As who separate the race Q from class struggle. The cadre receive large sums of money and privilege and are determined to abandon working class A-As. In other words, it will take enormous effort to bring together a movement that addresses race, gender, and sexual preference in the context of class war. That is why Bernie’s national voice is the most powerful weapon we have.

Written by Ronald Glotta on 08/10/2017

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