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July 15, 2017


There is a myth on the left that as the oppression and exploitation of the working class increases, there will be a corresponding increase in resistance, even revolutionary struggle by the working class. That position is a holdover, maybe a corollary of economic determinism. While Marx was absolutely correct in explaining the laws of capitalist development, the revolutionary struggles have evolved much differently. For instance, in Russia, the proletarian development did not set the basis for revolution. Lenin, however, provided leadership that sidestepped that requirement. In China, Mao turned to the peasantry to build the revolutionary movement. The levels of oppression and exploitation were not the basis for revolution; instead, leadership was able to analyze concrete conditions and develop strategy and tactics to mobilize millions of people against reactionary forces. Likewise, supporting Trump/Republicans elections to allow an attack on working people is not only morally corrupt, it is strategically foolish. Obviously, it is the Green Party that is the worst example of such brainless thinking. But there are many on the left that adhere to such witless, ahistorical positions. Capitalism cannot maintain democracy as Milton Friedman has openly stated when he supported Pinochet in Chile. Capitalism uses fascism to mobilize a section of the working class to maintain control. That is what happened in Germany, Italy, Spain. And that is what is happening here with the Trump/Republicans.
Those who adhere, without apology, to positions that the acquisition of power by Trump/Republicans will help the progressive movement are neither moral nor strategically intelligent. Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta

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