‘Is the corporate media powerful?’

July 15, 2017


Is the corporate media powerful? Obviously, but do progressives appreciate how powerful? When I was young (1950’s), trying to figure out what was going on the world, I could not figure out how the Soviet Union and China suddenly became enemies. The world had fought the most brutal war in history with 60 to 100 million people killed or starved to death. And both the Soviet Union and China had made major contributions to the defeat of fascism. Yet I was told that they have become enemies. Having no ideological framework, all I came up with was confusion.

Now we face the most brutal, fascist, administration in our history. In addition, Trump/Republicans are on the attack against that very corporate media. Yet, even while under attack, the corporate media, including NPR, talks about whether other countries can be tested by standards of democracy. And a huge proportion of our populace believe that the corporate media is “liberal”. One must ask, how do they pull off such myth making. For progressives, we have a responsibility to both recognize the barriers that we face and the complicated strategy and tactics we must use to address the problem. It becomes an even bigger problem because leafleting a plant is no longer an option. Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta

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