August 26, 2017


NYT Sunday Review 8/20/17 provides a platform for reflection. Roxane Gay wonders how much better we would be if HRC had won and wishes she had worked harder on her campaign. She admits she was “wildly overconfident” on HRC’s election. She still cannot understand the popularity of Bernie Sanders since so many people she respected supported him By contrast, Julius Krein says openly he was wrong as a Jewish conservative who supported Trump. In NYT 819/17 p A19, Bret Stephens says the Jewish right should have smelled the corruption inherent in Trump/Republicans. Both now agree (at last) that Trump/Republicans are racists. When we are now faced with a consolidation of storm troops, one should say that it is about time. 
But such self-reflection, such as it is, is welcome. On the left, we see no such introspection. Floating along on a self-made ideological bubble, many on the left act as if nothing has changed. Cornel West states we need a 3rd party as if that will happen because he says that it should happen. The Green Party acts as if Trump/Republicans are not building a fascist movement which requires alliances with a broad section of the working class the great majority of which reject the strategy of the Green Party, and are correct to do so.
I have said for sometime that everyone carries a rigid ideological burden that limits and sometimes blinds one to reality. But it is disappointing when a corporate Democrat such as Roxane Gay and a right wing conservative Jew like Julius Krein are more self-reflective than anyone on the left. We are supposed to be masters of criticism and self-criticism. I guess that is old school discarded as rigid dogmatism takes hold. Yours in Struggle Ron 

Written by Ronald Glotta on 08/20/2017

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