Establishment Goals

August 5, 2017


People have claimed they do not understand the position that “strategy defines program.” If a person has a stated goal then a strategy is devised to reach that goal. But if the strategy manifestly will not reach that goal, then necessarily the strategy defines what the actual goal is. I came up with a historical example to lessen subjectivity. General George B. McClellan was appointed by Lincoln when he accepted the responsibility to win the war and defeat the secessionist South. BY his was ambition, not victory. But his strategy was refusal to “raise up the Negro issue” and he actually ordered Union troops to catch slaves and return them to their “masters”. In addition, he used every excuse to avoid engaging the Southern armies. He eventually ran for the presidency against Lincoln. In other words, his strategy was to preserve the slave states and advance his political future. That therefore was his program and it was not to win the war. I use the Green Party because they represent a perfect example of strategy defines program. They claim to be progressive but their strategy is to attack the Democratic Party because they believe that the Democratic is a barrier to building their party. As a result, they unite with the Trump/Republicans to defeat the Democrats. Their program therefore becomes an extension of the Republican program. Other groups act to protect their ideological framework which is that there is no difference between the 2 parties and adhere to that position in spite of the objective facts. The often unspoken assumption is that as the working class suffers the terrible effects of the fascists attacks of the Trump/Republicans, the working class will become more revolutionary. Even if that were true and it is a false premise, workers would never turn to such people who were supportive of such suffering. People become disillusioned and cynical because of the agonizing complexity of the fight for reforms and the left groups will get recruits, but because their actual program is defined by their strategy and tactics, they will remain marginalized, small and at best minimally effective. Yours in Struggle Ron 

Written by Ronald Glotta

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