Democrat Imposter???

January 26, 2019


The corporate Democrats claim that Bernie is not a “Democrat”. But the Q is what is Biden? He campaigns for a right wing Republican by the name of Fred Upton. And his campaign work insured that the Democrat Matt Longjohn loses a closely contested election. I paid my dues and will go to the convention. I am more of a Democrat than Biden. Biden mockingly states “Bless me Father for I have sinned and crosses himself: I like Republicans.” Labels are always inadequate in terms of determining political issues. That is why is not the pronouncements that provide the trust needed to fight for a leader. In fact, workers lives are cluttered with the necessity to make difficult and often unappealing choices. Because we all face limited resources, we never chose the best house, the best car, or even the “best” outfit. That problem is magnified when making political choices.
Biden’s decision to campaign for a right wing Republican eliminates any trust that he is a reliable fighter for workers. I remember that Biden also insisted that he does not hate “rich” people. Since the great majority of the rich, especially inherited wealth are Republicans, it is fair to say that Biden has no loyalty to the basic principles of the Democratic program. The label Democrat still applies to Biden. But he does not represent a future we can believe in. If he is willing to stab in the back a Democrat simply because he “likes” Republicans, we can be assured that he will do the same if he obtains the nomination of the Democratic Party. He has proven ever since Anita Hill that he can not be trusted. The corporate media can paint a picture that obscures the truth just as they did when they called former Michigan governor Snyder a “likable nerd”. But the role of progressives must be to expose the evil that lurks behind the pronouncements and promises. That is why Bernie’s age has become such an asset. He is the only one who has a history of fighting for workers and never has nor ever will campaign for a right wing Republican. He represents a history that we can believe in.

Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta January 25th, 2019

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