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August 12, 2017


On 8/2/17, I made a list of myths that influence our discussion. Myth-a fiction or half-truth that forms a part of the ideology of a society such as the myth of racial superiority.Having written on the first 3, the 4th myth is that the ruling class is monolithic.It is true that all within the ruling class have money and power. It is not true that they are the same.I have taken the position for some time that progressives can function most effectively when there is a split in the ruling class. A corollary of the above myth is that revolution is a process of oppressed rising up against the oppressor. But revolution is a process where every institution turns on itself. Because the working class constitutes the great majority, as splits occur each faction will mobilize recruits to their position. Historical examples might help. A powerful trade union movement was built in the 1930’s when the Wagner Act was passed. A section of the ruling class allowed, even supported, the union movement. The counter revolution passed the Taft-Hartley Act with Republicans uniting with Southern Democrats and it was over the veto of Truman. 
The Civil Rights movement gained strength because a section of the ruling class was determined to eliminate segregation specifically because the international communist movement was blocking imperialist actions by the US by exposing the racist/segregationist stance of the US.
Progressives therefore plan their strategy based on the reality that sections of the ruling class are fighting for power and analyze how to mobilize in the context of that fight. And I would submit that is exactly the strategy, unspoken, that Bernie has used. That is why I support his brilliant leadership. Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta on 08/11/2017

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