The Road To Hell Is Not Paved With Good Intentions

Like so many that care about their country, Ronald D. Glotta believes that America is on the wrong road. But he is clear: we’re not meandering down the road, we’re being driven by powerful forces that clearly want to take us there. In The Road to Hell Is Not Paved With Good Intentions, he outlines the reasons we are on that road, and gives some clear prescriptions for progressives who want to have a real impact on the direction of this country and the world.

Excerpts From Road to Hell:
“The African-American community, intentionally and sometimes unintentionally, is central to developing and demonstrating a moral vision for America. Whether it’s Aretha turning every song into a freedom song, or Venus and Serena exploding sports stereotypes, it is a consistent vision that promotes tolerance and opposes oppression.”

“Katrina and Rita exposed every contradiction of race and class in this country. That makes the first step in the building a movement of resistance to the fascist government which has now captured the U.S. government—naming and exposing it—almost easy. We cannot back away from this challenge; it is the moral imperative of the 21st century. We cannot reform, dress it up, make it more human. We must name it, expose it, reject it and destroy it.”

“One thing that people do not realize is that the vicious brutality of the Bush administration is not some aberration but an inevitable result of the concentration of wealth in the hands of the most vicious, the most selfish, the most greedy members of our society…our vision of the future of a society which promotes compassion, altruism, gentleness, decency, and tolerance, stands in stark contrast.”

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