Battle Lines – Bernie Democrats vs. Corporate Democrats and the Corporate Media

July 1, 2016


The battle lines are being drawn. Every class war is complicated. However, at this time the battle lines assume the classical representation of a field of battle. The front, or combat zone, is Bernie Democrats versus Corporate Democrats and the Corporate Media. The Corporate Democrats are representing and protecting Hillary Clinton. The first fight is the platform.

The arrogance of the Corporate Democrats reflects the arrogance of Hillary who proclaims we came, we saw, and he is dead. The corporate Democrats have decided not only that they will steal the nomination but also that Hillary can win without the Bernie Democrats. Hence, the corporations are writing the platform that pleases the contributors to Hillary’s campaign. If this is not quid pro quo corruption, they need a new definition. But there is much more. Not only are the battle lines drawn for a floor fight but support troops are active. Never has class war looked so much like a front line war.

The reserve troops are fighting to prevent an indictment of Hillary. The corporate media is providing cover by refusing to expose the substance of her violation of the law, her corruption through the Clinton Foundation and the violations of National Security. They speak only of Benghazi, not the legal violations, the security violations and the fundraising from corrupt governments.

The Right Wing establishment is fighting Trump to ensure Hillary’s victory. Dick Cheney. Bush I and II, Henry Paulsen, George Will, Charles and David Koch have expressed approval of Hillary if not outright endorsement. Paul Ryan cannot figure out what to do.

The global financial ruling class has coalesced behind Hillary to drive back to rising working class anger.  The New York Times book review magazine on June 27, 2016 carried a huge headline on the first page “Why Populism Now.” Ultimately, all of these battles are fought on the ideological level. Therefore, the ruling class is already begun to frame the issue as “populism.” It conceals the substance of the struggle which is a working class battle. By using, “populism” as the frame work of discussion, the corporate media provides a comfortable, historical precedent that conveniently obscures the issues that we are faced with today.

Populism was a rural movement often with a narrow racist tinge to it. Today the working class is angry. A section of the working class turns to Trump for leadership; a larger more committed section of the working class supports Bernie Sanders. Bernie Democrats reject the bigoted position of Trump. Bernie Democrats call for a united working class struggle.

While the corporate media continues to give Trump a stage to project his bigotry, the corporate media has silenced Bernie as if his movement ended when they declared Hillary’s nomination before the California vote even took place. Did Bernie win California now that all the votes are being counted? For the corporate media, it is a nonissue.

The global ruling class that includes Hillary faces increasing opposition. But the corporate media always presents the issue as bigoted workers fighting against immigration, Muslims, Hispanics, etc. Brexit is that example. But at the same time the rising strength of the Spanish United left, the progressive parties in Greece and Italy are all ignored in much the same way Bernie’s movement is declared over.

The Corporate Democrats believe Trump can be defeated without any support from the Bernie Democrats. The Corporate Democrats appear to have corralled Elizabeth Warren in an effort to divide the Democratic left. The corporate Democrats are therefore imposing a reactionary platform as if Bernie Democrats will be forced to accept whatever they say. Their arrogance is unbounded and their analysis is short sighted. Just as they never believed that Bernie Sanders would be able to inspire millions, they now believe that everyone will bow down to them.

Revolutions, however, are never that simple. The entire strategy of the global ruling class is for them to unite and then fractionate the opposition. Because Bernie Democrats represent millions, the attempt to divide the movement is more difficult for the corporate Democrats and the corporate media. A fight on the convention floor is not only important, it is an absolute necessity. It is the one time that the corporate media cannot cover over the power of the movement.

Of course, one must never underestimate the power of the corporate media to hide actual reality from the public. They can lie or frame the issue in a way to scramble and obscure the working class substance even when a convention floor fight is on. And there is always the allegation of “populism”. The words tell the story and are used by the corporate media to frame every issue.

  • We do not have a working class; only a middle class.
  • It is not a working class uprising it is populism.
  • It is not the concentration of wealth that makes workers angry; it is immigrants.
  • It is not the arrogance of the ruling class; it is the frustration of the white working class.
  • There is not a ruling class; it is a global economy.

Unfortunately, much of the Marxist left and of course the Green Party does nothing to ensure the fight for Democracy becomes revolutionary. They stand on the margins comfortable in their isolation refusing to join the fight.

The battles for unionization and against Jim Crow and for the right to vote were all framed as the fight for Democracy. Bernie Democrats are obviously committed and hopefully sophisticated in forcing a convention floor fight. That is a fight for Democracy. Carried out successfully, it can be a revolutionary struggle.

All progressives must support every effort to force a vote on working class programs and that vote must take place on the convention floor. Bernie Sanders in his speech on June 21, 2016 stated that many of the contributions came from people who were making under $30,000 a year. Many of those contributions were $10.00 or less. That means that every progressive must provide as much physical and ideological and emotional support to ensure that Bernie Democrats get to the convention and have the necessary resources to carry out a convention floor fight. There can be no half stepping at this crucial time in our history. Everyone should contribute to those willing and able to descend on Philadelphia.

Obviously, the ruling class knows how important this is and they will use every resource possible to fractionate the movement and to block the movement and to hide the anger that is obvious to everyone. This is not a populous movement this is a working class movement. Look at the program. The program is a demand by the working class for fairness and decency. The program of the corporate Democrats is designed to block those demands. We cannot sit on the sidelines in this fight.


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