Audio Commentary #282

January 13, 2014


Submitted to the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality on January 5, 2014.

Commentary Transcript:



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4 Responses to “Audio Commentary #282”

  1. Legion Says:

    Obamacare was shoved down our throats through the media through ever facet there was. Even at the time of this posting there is still commercials.

    How many people that work for you have health care? But you dare to attack others?! Even a worker at fast food jobs who work 40-40+ hours are offered benefits.

    Nothing worse than a republican in disguise who points at others and calls them evil. While he hordes his greed, distributes to his own blood, on the back of his workers who are old, sick, poor and exploits them for their need of a “job.” All the while, plotting to figure out a way to pay less. God forbid Michigan minimum wage be upped to $10.50, you’ll be out of business!

    Whether in Malibu or Detroit, a gilded ivory tower is still that and we understand “the struggle.” The struggle to keep your wallet closed.

    You may be Sparticus but I am Legion, for I am many.


  2. Legion Says:

    funny….my comment was removed. I wonder why? lol I know why. Deny what you are.

    Freedom of speech for only your bias outlook and self hatred.


  3. Legion Says:

    My bad…moderation….not so much about removing but full out banning free speech or those that might disagree with you. Why bother offering people a forum to voice anything?

    Let me guess, if I praised you, stroked your ego, would my comments make it through? Pwetty pweeeeeease?!


  4. Legion Says:

    hey. If you’re all about redistributing wealth, how come you horde yours and prey on the workingman/woman? I can see you getting joy out of exploiting a white family but you’ve also exploited a black single mother with 2 children. How did it feel to exploit the same type of person you claim to champion?


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