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July 22, 2013


Submitted to the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality on July 21, 2013.

Commentary Transcript:

My commentary last week was not a aired. It linked George Zimmerman and Mike Duggan.  Those who are interested can get it on my website.  This week Kevin Orr had a race to the court to put Detroit in bankruptcy after having spent $20 million of Detroit’s money.  As a lawyer, it is shameful to see Rick Synder, Kevin Orr and Bill Schute blatantly violating the law and the constitution of Michigan. They are political criminals and should be jailed as such.

The race to bankruptcy was caused by the ruling of Ingham County Circuit Judge Rosemarie Aguilina.  She ruled that the constitution of Michigan prohibits action that will lessen pension benefits.  She specifically ruled that Rick Synder and Kevin Orr were violating the Michigan Constitution.  And their rush to bankruptcy was to avoid the injunction that would necessarily follow.

We now have revealed the poorly kept secret – the brazen agenda of Kevin Orr and Rick Synder and the Republican Synderites was always to go after the Detroit pensioners.  As Krystal Crittendon stated, they are not creditors because the pensions are funded.  Kevin Orr and Rick Synder went to bankruptcy to protect the bankers, the rating agencies and especially Bank of America, all who claim to be creditors.  Judge Aquilina correctly held that Detroit pensions are constitutionally protected and therefore, it is the banksters that must pay because they have no constitutional protection.  I would add that they are the ones who caused this problem.

Being lawless has a double payout for Rick Synder, Kevin Orr and the Republican Synderites.  They can protect their true constituents, the banksters and they can demonize Detroit and Detroiters.  Thereby stoking the fires of hatred in the outstate workers who blindly follow their most base primal instincts.

While this action of attack is devastating for Detroit pensioners, the short term victories of the Republican Synderites ultimately undermine all respect for democracy as defined by these wrongdoers.

Since Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Brown vs. Board of Education, American citizens have relied on the courts to rectify the inherit injustices of Capitalism.  But Franklin Delano Roosevelt had to threaten to pack the courts and civil rights workers gave up life and limb to move the country forward.

Now the flagrant criminality of Rick Synder, Kevin Orr, and for that matter, Mike Duggan becomes the political issue for the next 10 years.  I have said repeatedly that right wing ideology rest on a foundation of vile hatred.  They propagate the myth of separate races and when that was scientifically destroyed, they turned to cultural oppression, hiding behind legal fictions – separate but equal, a definition of equality that precludes affirmative action.  Now, the true agenda becomes exposed – Republican Synderites will act even when it is unconstitutional and illegal.  They will do so in order to protect the bankers, the Chamber of Commerce, and the privilege of the rich.  Mean spirited and bigoted that is the ideology of the right wing.

In spite of the propaganda of the Corporate Media, the American people ultimately reject this ideology of idiocy because it is self-destructive.  But in the meantime, so much suffering is imposed on working people.  The bankers are now stealing from Detroit pensioners and they have already decimated private pensions, but ultimately it undermines all cities and all counties.  The Detroit Free Press headline on May 20, 2013, page 8A, says cities are not worried about the ripple effect.  But on the lead paragraph it states that county executives in Oakland and Macomb are worried about the bankruptcy and are planning a trip to New York to calm the rating agencies.  Hatred is blind but reality never vanishes.

The effects of this lawlessness will ultimately affect every person in this country.  Paul Krugman on July 15, 2013 stated that Republicans take “positive glee” in inflicting further suffering on the all ready miserable.  But that passing pleasure of the Republican sadists will only turn into its opposite as more and more people spit out the filthy venom of hatred that they propagate.

At the present time, the left is shamefully divided by ego and ideological blindness unable to provide a moral vision of an alternative society, often infected by the narrow capitalist individualism of the very ruling class they oppose.  But as I have said many times, we fight because we must, sometimes irrationally and often without sufficient vision.  But the Progressive agenda encompasses a vision of hope, where the banksters must pay, the merchants of hate will be exposed, where cities will be funded, students will not be burdened with debt and where unarmed Trayvon Martins can walk down the street safely wearing whatever.  We fight for that vision because I am Spartacus and so are we all!

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