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July 22, 2013


Submitted to the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality on July 14, 2013.

Commentary Transcript:

There is a classical definition of hubris.  But first the dictionary definition: excessive pride and arrogance.  The classical definition is a child murders his parents and begs for mercy because he is an orphan.  This commentary was written 3 days ago because Mike Duggan has the audacity to ask Detroit voters to write in his name because he is too incompetent to file his petitions legally.

But events press down on progressive commentary.  George Zimmerman may become the new definition of hubris.  He murders a young unarmed man and claims self defense and with yesterday’s verdict, gets away with it, at least for now.  But my comment wants to examine this outrage from another perspective.  The Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in Shelby County  v.  Holder, partly on the grounds that the South has changed.  George Zimmerman exposed the hypocrisy, dishonesty, downright invalidity of the Supreme Court’s position, at least of 5 men on the Supreme Court.

The jury trial is an indispensable pillar of democracy.  But not in the South, at least not when a black man is murdered.  In the 1960’s, it was always necessary for the Federal Government to prosecute for the violation of civil rights in federal court because no state jury would convict for the murder of a black man by a white man.  While George Zimmerman is said to be a Latino, he used white privilege to avoid conviction.  There is no doubt that he violated the neighborhood watch rule against carrying a gun.  That is not disputed and it is reasonable to conclude that he wanted to use that gun.  There is no doubt that he ignored the command of 911 not to leave his car.  And it is reasonable to conclude that he did so to hunt down Trayvon Martin.  He murdered Trayvon Martin beyond any reasonable doubt.

And the right wing that supports and protects George Zimmerman does so out of hatred and prejudice.  The secessionist South continues to be the source of the most vile political perspectives and the Conservative Republicans look to the South for leadership, the ghost of Jim Crow.

But I did want to examine a problem here at home. Mike Duggan’s $3 Million slush fund makes him arrogant and prideful.  He knows the Corporate Media will protect him and he submits that Detroit voters can and will be tricked and victimized.  His actions are a part of a larger pattern manifested from George Zimmerman to Mike Duggan.

As a result of his smoke and mirrors, the hidden agenda of Mike Duggan can be camouflaged.  Mike Duggan is the face of moneyed interests.  When Kevin Orr says jump, Duggan asks how high.  The real agenda is to make life in Detroit so miserable for working class African American’s that they will have to move. They will be required to move to Warren, Ecorse, River Rouge, Southfield, Lincoln Park, Sterling Heights, and Roseville, all of which cities are deteriorating and lacking in funds.

Detroit is prime property of enormous value.  The banksters, the Thieves of Wall Street will confiscate the property and put a tame euphemism on the agenda, calling it gentrification.  That obscures the violence, the loss of property value, the disruption of family contacts that working people suffer as the banksters steal this prime property.  It also conceals that violence is a purposeful paradigm of the thieves designing to steal this property.

Mike Duggan privatized DMC and I get calls from workers every week who are suffering the effects of privatization.  Profits squeezed from workers just as Walmart, the Gap, Disney makes profit from the deaths of 1100 workers in Bangladesh.  Stealth is their mode of procedure that is why the bankers did not want to be photographed with Kevin Orr.  Capital always takes profit from housing, allows it to fall apart and then buys it cheap.  Mike Duggan is their operative but Benny Napoleon is simply a darker shade of Duggan with the same agenda.

The only viable alternative is Krystal Crittendon, who has an established record in opposition to the Emergency Manager.  In addition, she has the knowledge and intelligence that would expose the plots of the bankers and especially Bank of America.  One can therefore conclude that it is the reason her campaign has no money.  The left, such as it is, has shown itself incapable of abandoning narrow egotistical positions, leaving the working class with no leadership.  It is shameful.

The working class develops leadership and tactics of resistance.  The Union movement is the best example.  And right now, 29,000 prisoners are on a hunger strike in California.  And Trayvon Martin’s murder will galvanize leadership across this country.  But it is the vote that brings these movements together in a demand for power.  That is where conscious leadership is so important and so lacking on the left.

The Corporate Media manipulates working class consciousness and frames the issues.  Progressives have yet to develop tactics and strategy to counter that propaganda.  We must learn!

I am Spartacus and so are We all!

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