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June 18, 2013


Submitted to the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality on June 16, 2013.

Commentary Transcript:

Father’s Day:  And a truly enjoyable one for me.  I was able to get breakfast at Sharon’s house with Jeff and his fiancé Abbie.  It was pleasant and it was a break from the pressure of practice fighting against the mean spirited, unfair, Republican Synderites, who adopt hatred as a way of life.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Professor agrees with the 2% transaction tax.  After all, it is a tax on the sale of stocks and bonds.  Workers pay 6% when they buy food.  But, in fairness, Libertarians can unite with such a tax if they would just divorce the Republican Party, which is controlled by the thieves of Wall Street.  Seeking consistency, Libertarians would be much more comfortable in the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, which supports civil liberties and opposes war.  We can’t agree on everything but a transaction tax would solve the financial problems that are being used to impose governmental control on workers’ lives to protect the banksters.

Linda Butler gave me a t-shirt that she got at the Democratic Party Convention.  It said, ‘No Financial Managers’.  We would never see that at the Republican Convention.  I wear it at the gym.  Other than Pat, I rarely talk at the gym.  But one of the weight lifters asked if I could get him a t-shirt.  I am looking and so is Linda.  And that is how fellow workers communicate – we have no access to the corporate media that promotes the lies of Kevin Orr.  I was glad when Ron Scott messed up the name of Ed McNeil – I thought I was the only one who did that.  Ed’s discussion this morning was enlightening.  Kevin Orr is purposely dismantling the City, stealing assets and taking resources – it is a vicious attack on working people.  I’ve said for a long time that privatization never works.  I guess I was wrong.  It works for the program of the Republicans, which essentially is to concentrate wealth in fewer and fewer hands.  And the wannabes will never be.  Believe they can avoid the effect of the thieves.  And that is to their detriment.  Operatives for the wealthy claim they take a haircut getting a salary of $250,000 per year.  And Marie Antoinette said let them eat cake.  They believe the corporate media will always protect them from their arrogant meanness by shielding against the stupid social ineptness.  We should demand that they work for nothing because they accomplish nothing that is good.  They have no shame and no desire to hide their greed.  By they I mean Kevin Orr and his compatriots.

The discussion by Ron Scott this morning about the difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party was excellent.  What is the Republican Party? They have gathered together the most right wing, hateful, vicious, anti-democratic people in this country.  When I say anti-democratic, I mean opposed to fair and open elections, opposed to local electoral representative government; in fact, opposed to representative government.  Moderate Republicans are RhINOs – Republican In Name Only.

By contrast, Progressives within the Democratic Party fight for a program that supports liberties, opposes war, opposes mass incarceration, opposed to the war on drugs because it’s in fact a war on minorities, the most oppressed sections of the working class but it affects all workers.

Libertarian callers keep saying that Detroit has been controlled by Progressives.  That, of course, is untrue.  Detroit has always been controlled by the bankers, bond holders, and crooked executive officers.  In other words, the thieves of Wall Street have always dictated the parameters of democratic discussion.  That is seen most clearly now with Emergency Financial Managers.  Given that the progressive movement is fractionated and unions are weak, the EMF’s descend like vultures on the city, selling off the assets of the city using privatization as an excuse to give to the rich!

Bankers sometimes state openly – give us control of the money supply and we control all decision making.  But the position of the Libertarians exposes their real analysis.  They claim we should let the thieves make the decisions since they have all the power.  In other words, lay back and let the city be raped.  Frederick Hayek, Carl Menger, Ludwig Von Mises, Milton Friedman, the icons of right wing Republican Synderites and Libertarians do not believe in democracy.  They do not even believe in a free market.  Their foundational belief is that the rich the 1% are entitled to control everything and everybody.  We reject that notion, it is not economic theory, it is immoral moralizing.

Kevin Orr and his compatriots are safe for now, from the irrational anger that is building because we workers ask so little, a pleasant Father’s Day, a warm afternoon on the beach on Belle Isle but Kevin Orr and his compatriots should take heed, retribution will come and it will be brutal just as they are mean, selfish, and violent.  We will fight because We are Spartacus and so am I!

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