Audio Commentary #256

June 2, 2013


Submitted to the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality on June 2, 2013.

Commentary Transcript:

Time and Space, Form follows content:  Sharon complains that I talk too fast, and she is correct.  But these commentaries address complicated questions for Progressives.  What are the tactic and strategies of Progressives when third parties are completely marginalized and ineffective?  What analysis do Progressives bring to the political economic issues under Capitalism?  What is the relationship between moral outrage and political program?  And ultimately how do we combat the misinformation of the corporate media?  These questions are significant but require careful analysis.

For instance, the professor stated that Paul Krugman states that for every $1 spent by government, the return it takes in is $1.70.  Books are written on the subject but the question must be stated accurately.  Krugman stated that for every $1 spent on social programs, the return is a $1.70.  And that is true.  But the thieves of Wall Street and the crooked executive officers are busy stealing the surplus.  Without proposing a treatise on the subject, the best example is Medicare.  Its administrative costs are 3% but insurance companies demand 20% administrative costs to pay billions to crooked executive officers and share holders.

And a 90% tax on income over $1 million is not un-American.  In fact, that was the tax in the 1950’s – a time conservatives and Libertarians want to go back to.

Progressives contend against violence because the promotion of violence by right wing operatives is based on an ideology of hatred of working people, and obsequious to the ruling class.  Moral outrage is a motivating force for all Progressives.  Opposition to violence against women, opposition to violence by police and by psychopathic corporate executive officers mobilizes all who support the working class.  But we must understand the corporate media has mastered the art of exploiting moral outrage.  Casey Anthony and Jody Arias are cases used by the corporate media to portray working women as murderers and pathological liars.  The working class is bombarded daily with gossip that passes for news that fulfills the guilty pleasure of censuring those accused by the media.

The debates generated by the corporate media are how to catch Kwame Kilpatrick, or the underhanded dealing by Diane Hathaway, or the mistakes of Robert Ficano – in that way they pick of leaders who might oppose their agenda of hatred and privilege.

But there is no discussion within the corporate media or even a nod to the necessity of industrial safety and no recognition of the irresponsible gambling by the thieves of Wall Street, of the murderous greed by crooked executive officers.  Subtly, the corporate media establishes a mindset that privilege is untouchable and even glamorous, that the rich, while incompetent are the best we can hope for given the depravity within the working class and especially the poor workers.

Disney, Hilfiger, The Gap, and Wal-Mart are never condemned as psychopathic murderers of 1,128 workers in Bangladesh.  In West Texas, according to the corporate media it was not the demand for immediate maximum profit that killed 16 workers and destroyed the community.  The corporate media keeps workers focused on the immediate, ostensibly looking down their noses at those accused in the media, while never looking up at the rulers who cause this violence.  In fact, the culprits are simply workers who demand cheap clothes and waste energy.  Workers become ideological slaves to zeitgeist that promotes individual greed and selfish acquisition of useless toys.

Every form of violence perpetrated in our communities has a source back to the ruling class.  Gun violence is promoted and sustained by gun manufactures and their benefactors.  Violence against women is orchestrated by ideological leaders such as Rush Limbaugh, Paul Ryan and Republican Synderites.  Mass incarceration sustains police violence, and ultimately, Republicans advance war not only out of an ideology of hatred but also a plan of war profiteering.

Progressives are not saints, nor are we immune to the wild disinformation extant within our society.  But our success depends on an intellectual discipline generally reserved for great scientists and brilliant generals.  Moral outrage as expressed in this commentary only sets the basis for careful implementation of a plan to mobilize all those who are forced by economic necessity to unite even though they disagree with us.  Often are allies are at best ambivalent whether to admire the rich or attack us for our impertinence.  But the single most applicable axiom is that at this time we are walking a thin line – while we have few resources and our enemy has enormous weapons to marginalize, our program is powerful because it is in the best interest of all workers, even in the best interest of the entire planet.

I am Spartacus and so are We all!

That means we fight against the ideological onslaught of greed, selfishness and hatred.  We will prevail because we must.

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