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May 29, 2013


Submitted to the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality on May 26, 2013.

Commentary Transcript:


Memorial Weekend:  Fighting for Justice, this morning, had a theme of the War Abroad and the War at Home.  I want to add a wrinkle to that concept.  On Thursday May 23, 2013, on the Business Page of the New York Times the lead line was that, “American retailers remain sharply opposed to joining the international plan to improve safety conditions at garment factories in Bangladesh.”  Corporations, such as The Gap, Wal-Mart, Tommy Hilfiger, oppose signing any agreement because it might subject them to liability here in the United States.  In other words, it might cost them money to help save workers lives.  Progressives must recognize that any worker who dies, or is injured, whether in Bangladesh, West Texas or in the streets of Detroit, is a casualty of war; Class War being waged by rich corporations who murder workers at the altar of immediate maximum profit.  And we must recognize that this callus immoral position of American retailers is exposed only on the business page of the New York Times.  It is not the headlines in the corporate media as brutal murderers for money continue their rampage.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend of mine, Linda Butler, who is a strong Union operative.  She was talking about a campaign of Stand Up Against Poverty, that she and her local Union participated in during 2006 and 2007.  Thirty eight million people from all parts of the world demanded a more urgent political response to the growing crisis of global poverty and inequality.  And that is the point.  Thirty eight million people fight for justice and decency and the corporate media ignores their courage and compassion.  The corporate media talks of workers only when they commit crimes and Unions only when they strike.  The corporate media then conceals the depravity of corporations and their greed, refusing to assist workers because it might cost them money.  Besides, the corporations have taken over the courts, so the recent ruling in the Supreme Court in Kiobel [sic] vs.  Royal Dutch Petroleum makes it near impossible to sue under the Alien Tort Claims Act.   Even if it amounts to pennies, their greed makes compassion for human life a foreign emotion.  In human terms, they, that is the corporations, are psychopathic.  They kill for money, profit of control.

Republicans, Libertarians, and Synderites propose programs that will further advance the vile hatred of working people.  Drug test for welfare recipients, refusing Medicaid for the poor and now the Republicans in Lansing are trying to make it easier for banks to take over people’s property.  Then there is jail time for parents of truant students, tax gifts to Apple, GE, Big Oil.  These programs create a culture of privilege for psychopaths and punishment for those who work for a living.

This morning on Fighting for Justice, Congressman John Conyers stated that the vote is one of the most powerful weapon that workers have in the Class War. I added the part about the Class War.  I agree that is why I have always advocated that Progressives organize within the Democratic Party.  The vote is also the most complicated weapon we have.  The people of the City of Detroit elected Dave Bing.  Progressives knew he was a corporate puppet and we supported Ken Cockrel Jr.  The people of Michigan elected Rick Synder, a vicious psychopath who spent his life in the pursuit of money.  But the corporate media dressed him up as a “harmless nerd”.  So, now the City of Detroit is being dismantled and injured workers are denied benefits, pensions are taxed, education is demolished and Unions are under attacked with the use of the Right to Work.  That is Synder’s psychopathic program.


So, the weapon of the right to vote appears so powerless.  It is pitchforks against bombs from drones.  So, we turn to whatever tactic we can: stopping cars on the freeway, demonstrations, and boycotts without teeth.  And in the process, we lose the weapon that contains the most power that is organizing the vote.  And then, we have the Green Party standing on the sidelines waiting uselessly.

Last week I said that Progressives have proven themselves incapable of functioning effectively within the chaotic and fluid context of a mass political party.  Part of the reason is the manifested rigid ideological perspectives.  Progressives are also capable and subject to ideological blindness.  Most of us come to the left because of anger prompted by the obvious unfairness and duplicity of our political system.  That anger moves us to the left but if the anger is left unchecked, it leaves us helpless in the long term struggles we encounter.

As Progressives, we must create operatives who have a solid ideological framework, yet flexible enough to unite with those with whom we disagree.  We cannot be [neither] dogmatic in our praexis nor can we be arrogant – or suffer arrogance.  I have said before anyone who believes they are the smartest person in the room, probably has the least grasp on reality.

I am always confined by space and time but I must respond to the comment that Jews caused the 2008 collapse, ala Golden Sachs.  Jews did not cause the 2008 collapse.  The thieves at Wall Street did!  Some of whom were Jews, some were Protestants, some were Evangelicals, some were Muslims, some were Hindus, and yes some were African Americans.

Progressives cannot stereotype and ignore the institution.  To stereotype shields the institution itself.  It was the financialization of Capitalism that brought it down in 2008.  And to point to individuals within those institutions, but ignore the institution itself is wrong.  All human beings can be corrupted by greed and narrow hatred.  Progressives fight for a change in the institutions to alter Capitalism with programs that protect all people.

I am Spartacus and so are We all!


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