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July 18, 2017


If we took a poll, all Marxists, almost all progressives and many liberals would agree that the ruling class has engaged in a war against working very successfully for the last 75 years. There are markers–passage of Taft-Hartley over the veto of Truman. Among other provisions, Taft-Hartley outlawed socialist and communists from union leadership. The Louis Powell memo setting out a strategy to take over the courts. The racist Reagan campaign followed by busting the union movement with the attack on PATCO, the regressive social security tax combined with tax gifts to the rich but concealing the effect, the Bush II tax gifts and endless war. There are many more. But the attacks were strategically focused and tactically flexible. By contrast, the left has been neither strategically focused nor tactically flexible. We can analogize the lefts actions to that of George B. McClellan in the civil war. He refused to fight always miscalculating the strength of the southern armies. Lincoln had to fire him. The left rarely even considers strategy and tactics seemingly satisfied proving the injustice of the system. The Green Party can be described by Stephen Douglas, trying to run a “moderate” program while preserving slavery. Bernie by contrast has functioned brilliantly finding weakness it what appears as an overwhelmingly powerful enemy. Yours in struggle Ron 

Written by Ronald Glotta

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