A Better Deal!

August 5, 2017


The political struggles are so difficult and complex. The corporate Democrats along with and supported by the corporate media especially the NYT now have a new slogan: a better deal! Who is not in favor of a better deal? But it is insidious and diabolical in its intent. At least that is my interpretation. The purpose is to wash out the central theme of Bernie’s political analysis–the unfair and unjust concentration of wealth. While Bernie does not say it, the concentration of wealth is in the hands of the most reactionary, and yes fascist operatives in this country. And it is inherited wealth that promotes the destruction of every program that benefits working people. When people talk of getting money out of politics, it is inherited wealth that corrupts our political system. The Koch brothers and their ilk intend to eliminate democracy in this country. Because the corporate Democrats are supported by the corporate media at least at this time, we face serious challenges. Progressives are not opposed to a better deal but that is not the problem. Even if we get a better deal for the time being, those with money will attack it immediately. It is the concentration of wealth that is the problem. Bernie’s speeches always include an attack on the concentration of wealth and at this time that is our only national voice. A frontal attack on the ”better deal” will be counterproductive. But we clearly must oppose it; the tactics are not easy. Yours in Struggle Ron

Written by Ronald Glotta

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